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Bathroom walls decor tricks and cheats

Bathroom walls decor tricks and cheats

The bathroom is slowly revolutionizing from a simple nondescript place to a more stylish and luxurious room where you can relax and enjoy your bath as well as its surroundings. Bathrooms can now have more daring colors, and the walls can even be decorated to make the room just as lively as any other room in the home. A few tricks and cheats on bathroom wall décor are discussed in this article.

-Make shelves on strategic places on your bathroom walls. This will create room for storage of bathroom items as well as add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. The shelves should ideally be of color that is well coordinated with the walls. You can also place decorative items such as baskets, flowers, candles on the shelves to add more life.

-For the shower wall, choose to have tiles installed that are preferably patterned. This will add a great contrast of colors in the bathroom walls. Mosaic tiles are best for achieving this effect. The tiles can also be used to create a great feeling of rejuvenation if its colors are chosen properly.

-Wall paper is also a great way of adding life to your bathroom walls. There are many wall papers to choose from, so this will mostly depend on your personal taste. Choose colors that will work well with everything else in the bathroom, and that will lighten your mood.

-You might also consider hanging potted plants on your bathroom wall. There are a variety of plants that are suitable for use in your bathroom, such as bamboo, Aloe Vera and orchids.