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What is parquet flooring?

What is parquet flooring?

Cutting of different wooden materials into wooden blocks and then their installation in different shapes like circle, square of a triangle. This process is known as Parquet Flooring; it captures of the attention of any human being simply because of its unique look.

The reason some people opt for parquet floors is because conventional wooden floors are much more expensive, whereas parquet floors can be installed at a much lower price. There is no restriction on the type of wood that may be used to make Parquet blocks; It can vary from a bamboo to an oak. In parquet flooring, each tile/block will feel different and have a separate texture, feel and design to it. This is something unique.


Now that we know what Parquet Flooring is, let’s have a look at the main benefits of them:

-The main advantage it has over other floors is that it is super cheap and can be afforded by almost anyone. What is is even greater is that to a novice person these tiles will look expensive.

-It is very easy to clean the dirt or stains off the parquet floors as it doesn’t absorb any dirt or stain and a simple broom or wipe should do the trick.

-Parquet Floors are known for their durability and last for a long period, fifty years maximum! This is because they show strong resistance to scratches and aren’t affected by the daily wear and tear.


Until now we have only looked at the plus points of Parquet Flooring and completely ignored its drawbacks. Let’s have a look at the major drawbacks of having or installing a parquet floor:

-One major drawback of Parquet floors is that they need to protect from constant exposure to direct sunlight. This will cause the fading of the shininess and lead to scratches.

-Even though it has a long life, that long life is only possible if you periodically re-sand and reseal it otherwise the floor won’t look attractive like before and give a damaged, worn out look.

In the end, I would conclude by saying that if you are looking for something unique and attractive for your house that will instantly capture the attention of anyone then opt for Parquet Flooring as it is the best thing to do if you’re operating on a limited budget.