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3 essential tips for choosing hardwood
floor designs

3 essential tips for choosing hardwood floor designs

Hardwood floors are associated with unparalleled brilliance which makes using them for decoration a little bit daunting. Decoration of a house usually accounts for a bigger percentage of the entire house’s appeal and as such should be done with much care. Flooring with hardwood gives your room the elegant splendor, but the accruing costs that come with its use creates a big impact on the total budget of decoration. This creates the need to make the project a success so as every dime is accounted for.

Proper decoration with hardwood requires selection of appropriate hardwood floor designs that best match your room décor. The following are some of the aspects that need to be looked into when making a choice on the hardwood floor.

What are your design preferences?

What hardwood floor designs do you have in mind for your floor? The finish of the hardwood and the species will create the atmosphere that will determine the rest of the room’s décor. If you opt for a traditional design, the most popular species are oak and ash. These species have a timeless and classic grain and are available in a variety of finishes and stains. As for those who gravitate towards the contemporary floor designs, the maple species have a smooth and monochromatic look that gives out an adorable splendor. The exotic hardwood species such as sapele or tigerwood are also fit for contemporary flooring designs.  If you love the rustic and cozy design, you may consider cherry or hickory hardwood species. Lastly, for a general worldly design, the greatest species to consider is walnut.

What hardwood finish do you like?

The next aspect of design to consider is the finish of wood. Thanks to the wide spectrum of hardwood stains and finishes to choose from.  If you are a lover of contrasts, then the dark finish would be the best choice for your floor. A dark finish matches elegantly with light colored furniture. If your furniture already has a dark finish, then you might consider having a light finish for your hardwood floor designs. You may also consider matching your floor to the other elements of your room, such as wall paintings. A modern look can be achieved by considering an ultra-sleek, glossy and very dark floor stain. For lovers of traditional style, mahogany or honey hues are the best stains. Those who love rustic designs will be touched by antiqued hardwood color designs.

What’s your budget?

As mentioned initially, hardwood flooring is usually costly and accounts for a bigger percentage of house decorations. Therefore, designs, finishes and stains you opt for should be in accordance with your budget. Don’t pick a design too expensive for your pocket. That doesn’t mean that the appeal of your floor and the entire house in general should be compromised to cater for a tight budget. Try to make adjustments to find the most budget friendly hardwood floor designs.