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Decorating children’s room with kids beds

Decorating children’s room with kids beds

Give your children a bed that they have dreamed about and at the same time is comfortable enough to sleep in. You can buy a practical bunk bed with storage drawers to conserve space or decorate your child’s room with a colorful cartoon themed bed like Disney characters, Spiderman, Pogo and the list can be endless.

In case you are planning to buy a bunk bed you have to conform to the weight norms, about 150 pounds for the top bunk and 200 pounds for the bottom bunk.  If your little one wants something adventurous, you can get beds in the shape of an airplane, a car an engine or even a fire truck.

For little girls a Barbie or a fairy theme will definitely be a show stealer. Other options for kid’s beds are beds in the shape of a house, a castle, a turtle bed or butterfly one. In fact you just have to use your imagination and get a bed of your choice.

For safety purposes kid’s beds should be kept firmly near the wall to give the bed frame added stability and also to avoid accidents while playing. Kids can be quite rough when they play so make sure the mattress is of the right size because while playing a child could lose his balance in case the mattress slides down.

There should be plenty of slats to support the mattress as without it the bed will sag in the middle and prevent the child from getting a good night’s sleep. Another point to be careful about is ladders leading up to bunk beds and loft beds should be firmly attached to the side of the bunk, and make sure the top bunk has sturdy railings to prevent any accident.