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Wood tiles flooring – why should one choose them over other types?

Wood tiles flooring – why should one choose them over other types?

Flooring is a fundamental aspect of a house or building in terms of comfort and decoration. It is important for one to think of multiple points when it comes to flooring. With the number of options available in the market, it could get quite tedious and confusing on choosing the right kind of flooring for the house. The choices include, wood flooring, stone flooring, concrete flooring, tile flooring or carpet flooring.

Wood flooring is usually preferred in most of the houses around the world and especially in the US, as it gives that smart and neat outlook to the house and the wood color gives that warm feel and comfort of the wood. However, such a flooring comes with maintenance issues especially to maintain that shine on the wood. Here is where the combination of the two types of flooring, wood and tile, show their efficiency. The concept, called Wood tiles flooring, is a very modern and could be found already in many contemporary houses.

Here are some of the benefits of this wood tiles flooring over the others.

Extended application

There is always a limit to which rooms in the house the wood flooring could be used. For example, the places with excess moisture, like bathroom, or a messy workplace, garage or kitchen, or excess sunlight, balcony, where wood flooring cannot be used. Wood tile flooring works its charm here. They could easily be used in all of these rooms, thereby maintaining a uniform shade throughout the house.


When it comes to wood flooring one has limitation in terms of colors, shapes and patterns. However with modern technologies, the wood tiles flooring replicate the wood flooring in almost every way possible. In fact they add an extra flavor to the flooring by allowing one to mix and match different shades or grains of wood in specific patterns.


If there is one major advantage of wood tiles flooring over the wood flooring, it has to be its durability. The wood flooring is easily exposed to damages like scratches, dents, etc. With wood tiles flooring one can be relieved of these damages. Even if a few tiles get damaged, they could be replaced easily unlike the wood flooring.

Cost effective

The cost comparison and value for money here of the wood flooring and the wood tiles flooring shows quite a good disparity. In terms of costs they are quite similar, wooden flooring range between $8 and $25 per square foot. The tiles also range around the same, however, when it comes to value for money, the wood tiles flooring does not come in with such heavy maintenance demands as the wood flooring.