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Features of maple wood flooring

Features of maple wood flooring

Maple wood flooring is a beautiful and glamorous category of hardwood flooring. It is an attractive and magnificent type of flooring which is the chief reason of its popularity and demand. There are many factors which need to be taken into account at the time of installing this type of flooring such as maintenance, climate and the area of the flooring. These factors should be taken into account to decide the suitability of the maple flooring for a particular house.


Maple wood flooring is a beautiful type of flooring. It is highly attractive to people. It is elegant and stylish. It can be stained to give a darker shade of colour in order to impart a rich look. The maintenance of this kind of flooring is easy. The dust which accumulates on the surface can simply be wiped off or cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. The floor can then be cleaned using soap and water solution. In order to maintain the shine the floor should be buffed once every two years. There is no problem of dust accumulation on such floors.


Areas with high humidity are not suitable for Maple wood flooring. This is because of moisture absorption by the hardwood floor which causes it to expand and buckle. The maple hardwood floors shrink when it becomes warm inside and cold outside which causes gap formation in the wood and renders it unattractive.

Maple floors possess a light and natural colour which becomes yellowed over a period of time and the scratches start becoming prominent. Scratches and dents are caused by heels of the shoes and the claws of pet animals such as dogs and cats. These scratches are ugly to look at and needs refurnishing. Maple hardwood flooring is not suitable for bathroom because of the continuous exposure to moisture inside the bathroom which can damage the floor. This is a hard floor and is not suitable for people with small children.


Cost of Maple wood flooring can be as high as eight dollars per square foot before installation. There are a number of factors which are responsible for this high cost. The subfloor also needs to be prepared if it is not in a good condition before installing the hardwood. The regular cleaning drives which need to be undertaken in order to maintain the beauty of the hardwood floor can also be very expensive.