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Stylish bathroom ceilings and trendy lighting patterns

Stylish bathroom ceilings and trendy lighting patterns

Bathroom lightings and ceilings are the two main things that must be perfect in order to make your bathroom spick and span.


Ceilings are a great way to dress up you entire room. And when it comes to the bathroom you really need to think over it. Making the ceiling of your bathroom, unique will add up to the elegance of interior décor. There are many ideas and tips that you can take up to make your bathroom look beautiful.

A simply stylish white ceiling is preferred everywhere to give your bathroom a simple yet stylish look. Another pattern that you can follow is the rustic retreat. This style integrates wood ceilings in the bathroom. Wooden planks are used to decorate the bathroom. Bead board ceiling can also be made by using wooden planks. This style can add charm and textural quality to your bathroom.


Lighting the bathroom involves serious techniques that one should be aware of. The bathroom lights must be installed over the walkway So that you are lit from behind rather than being lit directly in front of the vanity. Don’t ever place light bulbs at one side of the mirror because it will give an uneven illumination. LED’s are now being used for lighting because they save energy and provide enough lighting.

LED bath bars are most common these days. Despite being energy efficient, they have a longer life. Layered lighting is also significant for bathrooms because tasks like shaving, applying makeup, grooming, and other related tasks are carried out which need appropriate lighting. In short, bathroom lightings and ceilings are very important to make your bathroom look beautiful.