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A guide on how to use small rug in

A guide on how to use small rug in bathrooms

Bathrooms have become more than just a place that was used to wash. Over time, they have evolved greatly and have become more appealing and more comfortable. Now they are considered to be your private space where you can relax for a while by taking an escape from the rest of your hectic life.

People keep on working on how to make their bathrooms more comfortable and appealing. You can make use of small rugs in bathrooms to have a comfortable walking experience rather than catching cold while walking with bare feet on the floor. If you have come out of a shower or you just got to the bathroom for putting yourself together, a nice rug would provide you with a nicer experience.


There are various types of bathroom rugs available in the market in different styles, colors and sizes. You can go for a wall to wall rug, a bath mat, a runner or a few small rugs. The last option is the most convenient option and it delivers the most attractive décor as well. Rather than using a wall to wall rug, you can place several small rugs in spots that are used for longer periods of time. For instance, you could use different rugs in front of your wash basin, toilet and shower. Decorating your bathroom in such a way would provide it with a look of comfort and warmth.

Different designs

Many different designs of small bathroom rugs are available in the market. You can choose the color and pattern that matches the flooring and rest of the theme of your bathroom. Care should be taken while you are selecting the rug as you might want to buy something that is more absorbent and designed to last against constant amounts of moisture. Buying some fragile and delicate rugs is not recommended as bathroom is a place associated with a lot of moisture. So a delicate rug may not last much longer.

Where to buy from

Small rugs are easily available at retail stores as well as with online sellers. You can walk in to any rug store or a super store to go through different types of rugs and buy the one that you find the most attractive of all. Hunting such a rug over the internet is a nicer option as web stores offer a much larger variety in comparison to the retail ones.