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Woven rugs are helpful in preventing

Woven rugs are helpful in preventing slippage

I have introduced woven rug in my room to create a mystic look. This not only served the purpose but bring out the real eclectic feel of charm and versatility. My room is floored with marble with additional surface polishes which although looks fine but yet slippery too. Few days back I had encountered slippage which had injured my knees so a woven rug was a must needed item for me. My idea for incorporating woven rug was to obtain a durable solution which prevents me from falling especially in morning when I step out of bed and hustle for my office.

Suitability of woven rugs

Woven rugs are widely used to fabricate small area or relatively medium area of room. If rugs are used in large sizes it will give the effect of overall carpeting. On the other hand sleek and thin rugs will easily be unnoticeable. Rugs are basically a tool for breaking the continuity and creating an additional length to room.

If your room is small spaced you can add some rectangular shaped small to medium spaced woven rugs along with some small sized furniture to magnify room appearance. Combination of rugs and furniture go hand in hand to create a desired theme. Contemporary or modern look can be achieved by half contribution of each of these two. Beige or any other neutral color woven rug with wood brown polished intricate furniture will not create desired exotic feel but can turn your space into dream area. Color of rugs also imparts a great functionality to overall appearance of room.

Considerations when choosing for rugs

Primarily when you are looking for some interior decoration you will find an immense variety in woven rugs. Color, style, pattern and quality are the deciding factors for selecting a suitable piece for your room. If you are planning for a teenager girl vibrant colors will electrify the surrounding ambience. For boy’s room small rugs with printed cars, other sports and celebrities can complement their space. For grandparents neutral and serene combinations can be used. Quality is a key factor when talking about rugs.

Hand woven rugs are somehow rated as expensive. Durability is the vital feature making these rugs costly. However cotton rugs are inexpensive alternative. If you belong to group of people who love change then go for synthetic rugs. You can give new dimension to your room with some exquisite woven rugs and some good lighting making rugs the focal point.