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Why you should install wall to wall
carpet in your house

Why you should install wall to wall carpet in your house

Some decades ago Wall-to-Wall Carpets or Fitted Carpets were the preferred flooring method that was used in almost every second household. The introduction of other flooring methods coupled with the need for change of people meant a decline in the popularity of wall to wall carpets. However, the trend of fitted carpets is becoming popular again with this generation and rightly so because these carpets have certain benefits that other flooring options don’t provide. In this article, I will list down the advantages and possible disadvantages of wall to wall carpets and convince you that carpeting is the way forward.


There are numerous pros of fitted carpets. However, the main factors why you should opt for carpeting are as follows:

Reduced cost of energy that leads to increased savings. This happens because carpets naturally insulate the cold weather and keeps your house warm. Western countries with a cold climate like US and Canada this is the best reason to buy a wall to wall carpet.

Every luxury hotel or place you see in the movies you will see that almost all of them have carpeting floors and be honest carpets do give your house a premium feel and look.

Carpets don’t hurt you like other floors. Carpets are normally soft and if you accidentally fall you won’t feel much pain or get a broken hip bone!

Carpets are relatively easy to maintain. A vacuum cleaning once every week will keep your carpet clean.

Come in every color, shape and size so you have lots of options available.


Everything in this world is not perfect and same is the case with wall to wall carpets. So let’s have a look at the shortcomings of it:

The first disadvantage of carpets is that it will absorb the dust particles in the air and store it. These cause bacteria to form and may cause an allergic reaction to some people who are prone to allergies.

Secondly, Carpets aren’t durable and long-lasting, and exposure to the different chemical during the cleansing process will result in the fading of the color or damage to the fabric.

It can be clearly seen that the benefits exceed the cons, and hence I would conclude by saying that wall to wall carpets should be given priority if you are living in a cold country with a limited budget but want all the luxurious things.