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How to clean a plush carpet?

How to clean a plush carpet?

Floor carpets bring elegance to homes. They are used extensively in most of the homes today. Interior decorators use the carpets for improving the appearance of the homes. It is also functional since it keeps them warm under the feet. However, keeping this plush carpet clean takes effort. Unless you maintain this plush carpet properly, its life is compromised. You can extend the life of the carpet is cleaned properly using right tools. It is not enough to clean them with vacuum cleaners.

Beyond Vacuum cleaning

If you want to remove debris stuck in the carpet, you need to clean carpet using right choice of carpet shampoos. Sometimes if the carpet needs professional cleaning. The type of carpet shampoo also makes the difference. You have to choose from dry and liquid shampoos for carpet cleaning. The choice depends on many factors. A plush new carpet needs dry shampoo since it preserves the thick fiber of the carpet. Old carpets need liquid shampoos that loosen the dirty fiber and keep the carpet fragrant and clean.

Do you need professional cleaning?

If you have big carpets covering wall to wall then you may need a professional carpet cleaning. Professional cleaning may be expensive but they do the best job which saves you time and effort. You can even choose the fragrance you prefer. They also take care to use hypoallergenic products. They use chemicals which are not harmful to the environment. The use of proper chemicals keep the fibers intact.

Tips for cleaning carpet by yourself

Cleaning carpet by yourself saves you money and it is easy if you follow few tips. If you plan ahead, you can save energy and time. You need to get ready with a bucket, protective gown, apron, face mask and gloves for cleaning. Read on cleaning products so that you select the right product. Ask your family to not to come into the cleaning room and remove all the furniture from that room so that dust doesn’t get accumulated on furniture. First use vacuum before using liquid. Start cleaning from the far end and remove all the stains using vinegar or baking soda. Dry it well before using.

Maintaining plush carpet requires some effort and planning. However, the effort is worth it since the expensive carpet has to last long. Using professional services is an option only if the carpet is very big. Otherwise, it is best to do it for yourself.