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How to elevate your garden’s look with
garden parasols?

How to elevate your garden’s look with garden parasols?

You can utilize your garden to create a perfect social space for yourself. Outdoor entertaining has witnessed a tremendous increase in the recent years. You can make the most out of your garden with the use of garden parasols. If positioned appropriately, these can protect you and your guests from the summer sun.

The first and the foremost thing to consider while setting up a garden parasol are the balance as well as the weight. The angle of the sun and the wind conditions that would be encountered also plays a key role while choosing a parasol. Your patio may not be the best place to put up your parasol. Choose a spot that has an open aspect and that is bright.

  1. Catch the sun

The garden aspect is the crucial factor here as sun forms an arc through the course of the day. The parasol must be positioned to offer shade during 11 am to 4 pm. You can purchase parasols that come with the tilt adjustment mechanism.

  1. Avoid the wind

Garden parasols are vulnerable to gusts. You can use a concrete-weighted parasol if the location is subjected to strong winds. If you have a large garden then you can make use of a concrete-weighted parasol. If you intend to move the parasol after a specific even, then you will have to consider other options.

  1. Prepare for rain

Parasols are ideal for offering shade. These do not offer shelter from rain owing to their shallow angle and height. Most of the garden parasols can withstand exposure to rain and occasional drenching, parasols with wooden frames with annual oiling need to be considered for extra life. Ensure that you use a plastic cover for protection.