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What are the criteria to choose a solid
wood flooring company

What are the criteria to choose a solid wood flooring company

Only a few interior materials possess health benefits like Solid wood floors. It is an excellent choice for a home with children and grandparents. They do not permit germs or bacteria to grow on the surface. Make sure you were living in a hygienic environment.

There is a lot of the Solid wood flooring company in the market give specific promises. You have to certain things to make a conclusion because hardwood is expensive.


Get the warranty detail from your provider. Compare the costs and material details with other company’s prospects. Find out what are the best prices and bid for it. Hardwood flooring company gives a warranty between ten to twenty-five years for structural damage. Go through the catalogue complete and make sure there is not any hidden agenda.


Nowadays, due to a competition, you can see there was a big difference in price for the same material.  Technical innovation is provided to produce material at a low price.  Don’t cheat by the excessive marketing. Go for the genuine solid wood flooring company product.

The company experience, price range, testimonial, a longer warranty period, and customer reviews are important. These factors are saving you lot of maintenance cost in the longer run.

Certain material requires more maintenance than installation. Today hardwood has comes with more sophisticated technique, so it is not difficult to clean. Avoid using wax or bucket of water, fresh weekly once it with soft fabrics. Don’t rub the floor and came up with scratches. A soft brush is sufficient to clean the floor or use a vacuum cleaner. Look at the catalogue of manufacturers more washed recommendation.

Installing the floors:

Measure the room area before getting into hand on floor purchasing. Solid wood flooring company does the calculation on a square foot basis. Calculate the width and breath to avoid any wastage. Beside calculates ten percentages, extra for trimming and edge cutting.

Most of the Solid wood flooring company provides the certified installer to support. Otherwise, you can hire an own installer but make sure the reference and certification. Need to ensure that installer following the rules of the manufacturer.  Do you feel the installation cost is expensive and tries it for yourself if you have enough time and tools.

Total cost:

Trim and moldings are as a significant role in increasing your budget. Make sure that before buying, whether or not Solid wood flooring company offers includes this price or not.


Installing a hardwood floor is an expensive lifetime investment. You have to take responsibility for finding a Solid wood flooring company and making sure everything is over.