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Rugs and carpets, what’s the difference?

Rugs and carpets, what’s the difference?

You will see lots of people who use rugs and carpets interchangeably. There is a common perception that these twos are the same things. However, this is not the case. Both of them may look and feel same, but the truth is that they have major differences and have their unique use. Using carpets and rugs as synonyms of each other is wrong and if you make this blunder in your academic paper chances are high of you getting a poor grade. In this article, we will look at main characteristics of rugs and carpets and the major differences that separate them.

Rugs vs. Carpets:

-Rugs are usually smaller and more compact than carpets. It is important that they shouldn’t exceed more than 6.5 feet otherwise they will be classified as carpets. Whereas carpets should exceed the length of 6.5 feet if it wants to be called a carpet.

-Wall to wall covering is carpets whereas small pieces that are kept under the bed or in the center of the room are called rugs

-It is fairly easy and convenient to remove rugs and transfer them to another place. Carpets are difficult to remove as they are much heavier and sometimes glued to the surface in case of fitted carpets.

-Carpets cannot be cleaned easily; you will need to work hard or hire the services of a professional cleaner. Rugs, on the other hand, are pretty easy to clean and easily be cleaned at your home.

-Typically carpets are more luxurious than rugs as they are thick and give them the premium feel.

-Relating to size, if the carpet cannot cover more than 40 square feet area in the room, it will be called a rug. However, if it does cover the entire room you can happily call it a carpet.

-There is a clear contrast between the pattern of the rugs and carpets. Carpets don’t have much variety in designs and textures like rugs have.

-Carpets are expensive than rugs if they have been made in the same way keeping other factors

What to do

These are the major differences between rugs and carpets. As you can see that both of them have completely contrasting qualities and uses so, it will be an injustice to say that they are the same thing. We hope that you find this article informative and in the future you won’t commit this blunder.