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Advantages of green rugs

Advantages of green rugs

The escalating pollution has made us seek environmentally friendly products. The attention has turned to produce green products that are healthy for individuals and good for the environment. It is true even in the case of floor rugs. The University of North Carolina has come up with eco-friendly recommendations considering the science of flooring choices. The recommendations were received with enthusiasm by public as well as technical specialists in the flooring industry.

Green Rugs

The health impact of synthetic flooring options is huge. The chemicals present in these rugs led to allergies and breathing problems. The Choice of Green rugs, organic carpeting and eco-friendly carpeting is the only option to keep ourselves healthy. It will also help stall the depletion of natural resources.


The flooring experts found that materials used and manufacturing process has to be changed in producing the floor carpet to achieve eco-friendly products. They focused on reducing fire hazards, removing toxins and allergens, using healthy substances which resist mold to achieve the target of producing green rugs. The health conscious consumer started to reject products which did not meet EPA (Environmental protection agency) standards. It saves energy and improves health. It also saves you money by reducing your energy bills.

Gain in Popularity

The homeowners and interior decorators started to embrace green rugs. The choice of bamboo, sea-grass, and natural products led to more such products being produced by the manufacturers. They not only improved the elegance of the home but also improved the health as well as the environment. Today, there are a lot of options for you to go green. You can choose from Jute or coir products. Due to the usage of such products, the deforestation has also reduced and thereby regulated the release of oxygen and reduction of carbon dioxide substantially.

As we become more health conscious and choose eco-friendly products, we will be doing a great service to both ourselves as well as for others. You can give a natural organic look to your room by using green rugs. It is also energy efficient and reduce your electricity bills. The long term benefits are worth to make a switch to green rugs immediately. You can give a much healthier world to the future generations. The green rugs will also liven up your mood and keep you happy. Hence, take the decision to go green for everyone’s benefit.