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Plunge pool ideas for small places

Plunge pool ideas for small places

There are several times people consider having pools in their homes but fail to do so because of the space constraints. However, the truth is creativity is all that is required to fit pools in smaller spaces. Consider the following plunge pool ideas for your home.

The designs need to be simple. Having cluttered designs wouldn’t work out if you’re trying to incorporate plunge pool designs in small spaces. A pool in any small space serves dual purposes. One is that it acts as a focal point in your backyard with addition of few lights nearby at night. The second is that it serves its actual purpose.

Bold statements can be made in small pools with the use of very dark colors. Washed out colors can as well be utilized to blend in with the garden theme. Traditional plunge pools can be designed with the use of mid-range blues in small spaces.

With simplification trend gripping all over, the designs of small pools are becoming more and more clean and straight. People are opting for more monochromatic colors rather than opting for mixes and shapes. Quality and value are the most desirable features irrespective of the pool size.

Pool range could be between 1000 mm to 1800mm with a flat base. This will increase the depth thereby increasing the volume of water the pool would hold. Tiles can be used in small pools. This would reduce the surface area and would also reduce the cost. Pools can also have the feature of falling water over stacked slates or textured rock surfaces. For paving, local sandstone, granites, basalts and travertine can be used. Make sure that the pool design blends well with the home design.