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How to use a Pole barn?

How to use a Pole barn?

Pole barn is a very simplified approach of adapting the framing technique with the use of timber. It utilizes large poles, which are either buried in the ground or set on any foundation that becomes the base for the structural support. This technique grew extremely popular during the 1930s.

Recently, the trend of pole buildings has gained trend, drawing inspiration from the pole barn theme. These can be used for commercial use, picnic shelters, as storage buildings and as houses. The poles used for the purpose are specially treated timbers. These are more affordable and require less time for construction.

Pole buildings are most commonly used as storage buildings. Earlier these were used on farms. These days, these are even made use of for storing boats, automobiles, household items and as commercial or residential garage.

By doing the interiors of the pole barn well, these can be even used as small shops attached to the houses. Using a pole barn as a full time or part time habitable building is a cool idea and this concept is gaining immense popularity these days.

You need to be careful about considering the run-off and site drainage directions in such cases. You need to ensure that the foundation is well if the barn was already constructed. Roof insulation, drainage, proper interiors and wall insulation must be considered especially if you are living in a region that experiences extreme weather conditions.

Pole barn is a temporary structure and is inexpensive. To construct a permanent structure, certain aspects need to be looked into in order to turn it into a dwelling unit.