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Interior dÉcor with brown area rugs

Interior dÉcor with brown area rugs

An area rug is a piece of carpet of different size which is used for dual purpose. One it enhances the beauty and grace of the room and secondly it gives an open space to the area. With brown area rugs, stunning dark shades of brown can be used to decorate your home interior.

The shades in brown area rugs include the dark shades of brown, red, black, burgundy, chocolate, mahogany etc. If the color tone of the drawing room or bedroom is in lighter shade like off white, white or beige, then this brown or tan shaded rugs will be a perfect combination.

Besides the exclusive dark colors, these brown area rugs are also designed with attractive prints.

These prints included the following styles-

  • Floral prints
  • Abstract print
  • Zigzag or striped prints
  • Cartoon character rugs

Besides the various designs the brown area rugs are available in different sizes and shapes.  It is a reality that with a large sized area rug the room will look spacious.

The popular shapes in brown area rugs are as under-

  • Round
  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Oval

The brown area rugs will bring a cozy feeling to the room. If the room has a light brown furniture color tone then no other than the brown area rugs will suit the décor of the room perfectly. Besides the furniture color, the floor tiles shade or the hardwood flooring also plays an important role in choosing the color of the area rug. If the flooring of the room is in hardwood or any other wood like floor tiles then a brown area rug is a perfect combination.

Brown area rugs followed by light shaded pattern or printed with a dull shade also look awesome if the room is equipped with light brown color furniture.


While considering other aspects like the color, texture, and shape of the rug, the size of the brown area rugs is also something of great importance. It is noticed that the size of the rugs should not be so much large that the furniture of the room will be placed on the rug rather the brown area rugs should be that much large that only the front legs are placed on the rug. The requirement is for a person sitting on the sofa should have his feet on the rug and not on the floor.

Keeping in view the practicalities of furnishing your room with brown area rugs will provide you a perfect décor.