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Well planned pantry organization in  kitchen?

Well planned pantry organization in  kitchen?

What is a pantry?

No matter what, almost all kitchens are bound to surely have a pantry. A pantry is basically a place that is set aside to store food, groceries and dishes. It could either be a separate room next to the kitchen or a cupboard/closet where items can be stored. Organizing a pantry is an utmost requirement and will prove to be a boon to see the items de cluttered and placed properly. Pantry organization will give you an idea about where the items are placed and will definitely help in planning a meal and in shopping for your next set of groceries. Also it will really help in saving time and money if you are aware of where to quickly find what you need.

Steps for organizing a pantry:

Pantry organization is not such a cumbersome process and can easily be done with a good dose of motivation. The first step in getting the things in order, would be to completely empty your pantry. Now you can discard any unused item or duplicates and you will also get a fair idea of the actual storage area that is available. Then start sorting out the food items according to their frequency of usage. The most commonly used and easily spoiled items such as bread, milk etc. have to be placed in cold and protected areas of the pantry. Arrange the items together based upon its group and not size. That means, the oils, vinegars and liquids go together while the canned items and spice jars are placed next to each other. The tallest bottles and jars go right behind the smaller ones, as this helps in easy access. Magazine racks can be used to hold boxes of grains for a clean look.