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The Small Wonder: Small Space Furniture

The Small Wonder: Small Space Furniture

How lovely it would be to own a huuuuuge mansion with sprawling manicured gardens, tennis court, swimming pool and a lake thrown in for good measure!!!! Wishful thinking that!! Is that your dream too? But wait!!!Ever thought of the flip side? I mean all that clutter that is going to pile up in the effort to “decorate” the huge house and not to mention the cleaning and maintenance!! Now that is a scary thought. On that note, small is definitely better and wonderful.

The little trend setters

The trend of having small spaces is catching on and people are opting for studio apartments rather than go in for huge houses that are costly on the maintenance front. People in the urban areas prefer these small units as they mean less chances of hoarding unnecessary things, cozier atmosphere and easy maintenance.

The furniture point

As for the furniture, there are plenty of options available. Most of them have storage options and can be put to multiple uses. There are sofas which can double up as beds and have the added advantage of storage options to store bed linen. The kitchen options have cabinets that have vertical storage so that they can be accommodated into a small area while retaining the functionality of a large kitchen. The dining table can double up a either a coffee table or a work top. A decorative panel of the book shelf can be pulled out to serve as the dining table…. The possibilities are a plenty. You just have to be a little imaginative and resourceful.

All it takes is a little patience, perseverance and passion to turn your little space into a small wonder.