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Different ideas for using runner rugs

Different ideas for using runner rugs

I have been searching for some high quality runner rugs for my new home. Runner rugs are an efficient way of beautifying the floors and create a vibrant feel to the whole atmosphere. A beautiful runner rug will not only electrify the aesthetics but will also serve for many purposes. Below mentioned are some stylish uses of runner rugs.

For stairs

If you are having small babies who are early learners for walk laying runner rugs will give sound padding to the stairs and a cushion to injuries in case they fall while climbing up the stairs. Also they give stairs an altogether different featured look and exotic appeal.


If you are planning to create a wow factor for your hallways then the punching factor could be a good multicolored runner. Normally hallways are supplied with downward lighting so the feel of runner rug will be add-on by manifold with these lights. Also these rugs will add splendor if your hallways are supplied with low windows. The sunlight during day time will be magnifying the glory of hall ways.

Other uses

A good runner rug can be placed along bedside so that you may feel the warmth and cozy feel whenever you step out of bed. Fireplaces, corridors library passages and main door entrances can be another place for rugs. You can maneuver your flooring with different colors and sizes. Always make sure to use suitable sizes for your rug.

Too big rug will look like a carpet and too small rug will give you a small towel look. You can create different themes in your area with these runner rugs. For producing a transitional appeal you can place cross designed runner rug on floor complementing the hard wooden floor and the neutral floors. For modern look white, black and red theme should be incorporated using beautifying probes. Similarly contemporary look can be achieved by using contemporary shades.

As hall ways are normally placed with some nice tables for placing lamps, telephone or vases you can create contrast with this. You can also use runner rug to create an enticing contrast with wall colors, floor colors and lighting. However ensure to lay the rug on floor equidistant from all sides. It is a good idea to leave around 8-10 inches between walls and rug however depending upon the width of the area this distance can be stretched or minimized.