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The advantages and disadvantages of using floor carpet tiles

The advantages and disadvantages of using floor carpet tiles

The modern type of item in the world of carpets is the floor carpet tiles which are available in plenty of colours, sizes, designs, textures and prices as well. These floor carpet tiles have their own advantages and disadvantages which are as follows:

Advantages of floor carpet tiles:

Easy to install

As the floor carpet tiles come in sizes that are manageable, it is easy to carry the carpet and lay out by just a single person. The size and shape of the floor carpet tile can be adjusted easily depending on the place where you want to lay them or simply by using a sharp cutter. You can keep the carpet in its place with a carpet adhesive and it makes for an ideal do-it-yourself project as it is easy to install.

Strong and Durable

The floor carpet tiles are strong and durable. Even the second hand carpet tiles are able to withstand any damages and wear and tear due to the traffic on the floor. But they must be taken good care as you would with any type of carpet.

Easier maintenance and cleaning

These tiles are easy to clean and maintain as they come in sections. Vacuuming the tiles two or three times a week based on the floor traffic is sufficient to keep the floor carpet tiles clean. Food and drinks spilled on the carpet can be easily cleaned using a regular carpet shampoo. You simply can take out the affected tile and wash it, then put it back in its place after it is dry. Unlike other carpets you need not have to worry about washing the entire carpet or hiring a professional carpet cleaner to clean the stained carpet tile.

Choose from various designs

You can find a huge variety in textures and colours of the floor carpet tiles and hence there are a lot of options to choose from. Also these carpet tiles can be laid as per the pattern and design that you like to make it look unique and different.

The disadvantages:

The edges of the tiles are loose and frayed

It might look good when it is new but with time, the floor carpet tiles would easily become frayed. You can also see the edges of the tiles get loose particularly if you used poor quality carpet adhesives.

Tiles become disfigured with time

The floor carpet tiles that have a rubber base are the cheaper ones and may become disfigured as time passes by. This often happens when the tile is cleaned with water and let out to dry in the sun for a longer time.