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A guide on buying southwestern rugs

A guide on buying southwestern rugs

In case your house has a Navajo or southwestern décor, you can achieve perfection by buying a nice southwestern rug. These rugs are a fine piece of work and the good part is they are very affordable keeping in mind the effort required to manufacture them. There are many different types of southwestern rugs available in the market. The most common and popular ones are discussed in the paragraphs below.

Handmade area rugs

Handmade rugs provide a nice and attractive representation of the southwestern figures, designs and colors. Different color tones are used in the making including subtle as well as vibrant ones according to the design. You can use these rugs in your bedroom, family room, living room, sun room, kitchen or even your porch.

Spirit rugs

Southwestern spirit rugs make use of a good variety of different designs and colors that depict spirituality. They are most commonly manufactured using Indian wool but you can find other options too. Spirit rugs look nice in bedrooms, large bathrooms and kitchens.

Modern southwestern rugs

Modern rugs are mostly manufactured in New Mexico. Native American and Spanish histories are blended together in order to create a very appealing design that truly depicts different scenes from the southwest. Such types of rugs are perfect to be used in living rooms, sun rooms, family rooms, rec rooms, etc.

Timberlake rugs

Timberlake rugs are named after a famous southwestern designer called Bob Timberlake. These rugs make use of colors that are bolder in comparison to the rest of the southwestern collection. Every single piece is unique as it is handmade. You can use a Timberlake rug in almost any room of your house.

Mexican Guadalupe rugs

Just like Timberlake rugs, these rugs are also handmade and come in vibrant patterns and designs. The majority of the designs portray the native Mexican history in a very appealing manner. Mexican Guadalupe rugs are a perfect match for a room decorated on the Navajo theme.

Oaxaca Mexico rugs

These rugs are manufacture in one of the southwestern states of America called Oaxaca Mexico. They are hand loomed and make use of 100% pure wool. Oaxaca Mexico rugs are considered to be one of the finest ones in the whole southwestern collection.

Mohair rugs

These rugs make use of a traditional wool known as Mohair, as depicted by the name. Famous ancient designs are carved in these rugs to portray the southwestern culture.