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How to choose small area rugs for your space

How to choose small area rugs for your space

Most small area rugs are always placed where your bare feet can encounter them and they are also very easy to clean. There are multiple of these rugs in the market and there are several factors that you have to consider in order to make the best choice that will perfectly compliment your house décor.

The main factors that you have to put into consideration are:

  • Where the small area rug will be located
  • Whatever you love; design, color, shape
  • How you intend to care for it

Types of small area rugs

  • Natural fiber rugs

These small area rugs blend well in homes with traditional furnishings and they will always make that small area appear approachable. They can also do magic in modern and casual furnishings. They are also easy to clean and maintain by either deep cleaning or beating off the dust.

  • High pile small area rugs

These rugs look good in the bedroom or the living room because they aid in creation of pretty patterns that can easily compliments with most home decors but you have to ensure that you select high pile rugs that do not over shadow your furniture and other contents in the room.

  • Patchwork rugs

Patchwork rugs are small area rugs made from antique fragments and they are more modernized in that they will always add more interest in a room by beautifully adorning them. They are easy to work with and they can be placed in any room. These rugs are also unique because they always offer specialized combinations and patterns.

  • Low pile small area rugs

Low area piles are the best especially if your space is full; they can be spot cleaned and they also limited hiding space for nastiness. These rugs are also comfortable and they can make any room look glamorous.

The purpose of the small area rug

The use of space in your home will automatically determine the purpose of your small area rug. The small area rugs can therefore be used to define a certain portion of space in your living room, the small area rug can also be used to define a focal point in the living room or aid in provision of a certain point of interest and at the same time anchor some of your furniture especially in the living room.

Your overall style is also important because it will help you select the small area rug;  remember that a small area rug has to work with your existing furnishings and other textures but not necessarily to match with all things in your room.