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Pergola Kits For Easy Installation

Pergola Kits For Easy Installation

Building a pergola in your garden was by no means an easy task as it entailed a lot of labor as well as construction know how. But in recent times creating a classic garden complete with pergola has become a simple process with the availability of wood pergola kits and stained wooden pergola kits.

Constructing a pergola with the help of a kit definitely is advantageous. The first step is to select a design and the size you require for your garden as these pergola kits come in large variety of sizes from small to big as well as endless designs. A freestanding pergola is more expensive as it needs four support columns while a pergola attached to the house needs just two columns

The wooden pergola kits have precut pressure treated pine wood, California Redwood or Cedar so you can just go for one of your choice. Redwood is the most durable but other woods can also be painted to give a rustic or a Tuscan look or for that matter any color you fancy. All kits come with complete instructions for easy assembly.

If you want to give your garden a modern contemporary look then a Fiberglass pergola kit is what you need. These are lighter than wood but have the strength of steel so they have a long-lasting life. They do not rust or bend and can be painted in any color of your choice. Vinyl or plastic is another option for a pergola but their durability is debatable as they cannot bear the elements of weather and can shrink or expand.