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Home décor using the 8×10 rugs

Home décor using the 8×10 rugs

Rugs come in a wide variety of choices in terms of size, colors, material, styles and patterns, making them very versatile and essential for home décor considerations. Among them the 8×10 rugs, are quite popular with the home makers and interior designers when it comes to setting up a house or an apartment or just for renovations. The great feature of the 8×10 rugs is their adaptability to any home independent of the walls, flooring type or furniture. Of course what one needs to consider is the contrast that the color provides, nevertheless, 8×10 rugs could easily fit itself amidst different flooring conditions and also different furniture within the same room. An individual’s creativity can see no bounds when it comes to utilizing the 8×10 rugs for decoration.

Here we see the different places the 8×10 rugs are being used or could be used.

Living Room –

This is perhaps one of the most common places where one could find these rugs. Due to their size they are able to snug easily within a small area. Primarily, these could be found in front of the couches, with the coffee table at their center. The interior designer’s book of code says that the front legs of furniture should be in line along the edge of the rug, so as to see the rug coming out from underneath the furniture. In this case the furniture marks the boundary, and the rug fits within the furniture, with coffee table at its center, making the arrangement look compact, neat and stylish. Just an extra attention to the color and pattern of the rug while selecting one, would increase the oomph factor of the living room itself.

Dining Room –

The second most common place besides the living room, where one finds the 8×10 rug is in the dining room. Sometimes there is no distinction between the living and the dining rooms. The 8×10 rugs shows its importance here in terms of creating a façade between the sitting area and the dining area, whereby just by choosing different rugs one could see this façade developing. Again the general rule here applies that the rug should be below the front legs of the furniture, or it could completely enclose the furniture within the area of the rug.

Lobby of the hotels –

These rugs form a great addition to the hotels’ lobby where there is comparatively less traffic. There are many occasions when the hotels have a particular piece of art at their center for display. The 8×10 rugs are perfect for such occasions where this display could be set up on these rugs.

Bedroom –

Bedrooms are also equipped with these rugs, giving a certain cozy, rich and comfort look and feel. Its’ a great addition to the bedroom as it goes well with the comfort provided by the bed and extends that comfort through the soft, warm, plush feel it gives to the feet. It is generally seen at the foot of the bed, than at the sides.

The good part about the 8×10 rug is it does not follow a particular rule and could be used anywhere depending on an individual’s creativity. If the artwork on the rugs are good, they could also turn into great display piece that could be hung on the walls. If all these positives are not sufficient, the best part about the 8×10 rug is the affordability. It is so light on the purse and yet is so versatile in use. These rugs could easily bought from big stores like Walmart, Target, Ikea or could also ordered online from all over the world in amazon or eBay.