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The curious case of the settee loveseat

The curious case of the settee loveseat

The very first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word settee is the big orange velvet cozy looking settee from the major hit sitcom, ’F.R.I.E.N.D.S’. The show was a major game changer in the furniture market too. What with that hugely comfortable looking 5 seater settee, everybody wanted something like it in their homes as a part of the décor.

A nice warm couch in your house is what you look forward to settling down in at the end of the day when at home. The couch, or the settee as it is called, is the centre of attraction of your home. Be it crashing down on it at the end of the day or falling asleep on it, the couch is your comfort hole.

So how do you decide which is the right kind of settee for your home?

  1. Understand the type:

As far as settees go, they happen to decide the level of coziness and comfort level of a piece of space in homes. People automatically tend to be attracted to the settee and for that, the location and positioning is a very important factor. The ideal choice is obviously right in the middle, with a neat center table to go with it. The settee loveseat would have to be in a place where people can hold conversations with ease and comfort. A loveseater is typically a couch that can take two people at a time. So if your idea is to host one too many, then going for the loveseater would not be something that would be recommended.

  1. Size matters!

The size of your living room has to be proportionate with the settee. If it is not that big a space, say  a small apartment, it would be wiser to spend money on a settee loveseater and a pair of single seats or recliners. The bigger the place, the generous the settee can be.

  1. Color of the upholstery has to flow with the rest of the furniture

Before hitting the market with your think tank machinery, decide on the general color palette. The settee would occupy a a huge amount of space in your home and will also be the centre of attraction as mentioned before. It has to smoothly fit into your living room with the other gorgeous furniture that you would be spending the bucks on. Go for sober colored palettes that would also complement your walls and the furniture surrounding the settee.

With the above points checked and confirmed, you could never go wrong as far as the settees are concerned. These are the things that one should keep in mind while selecting a settee for their home. For your home is nothing but an extension of your own self. So go ahead and make the right choice!