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Install a Wood headboard

Install a Wood headboard

Headboard is basically a panel in upright position place behind the back of bed. It serves as a resting position for your head when you are sitting. However the primary use of headboards was slightly different from the current use. Previously wood headboards were used to provide thermal insulation from weather adversities.  Conductivity of wood is much less than stone or brick and for this reason they were extensively used in manufacturing of headboards.

Other uses of headboards

The Dynamics of wood headboards have changed tremendously since it is used now to provide beauty, decoration and as the last barrier to the bedding and pillows to prevent them from falling. Also go Innovative with wood headboards by transforming them into smart storage spaces and also providing Station to play telephone on a book.

Making your own wood headboard

If you are having budget constraints or you want some modifications to your current bed which is at present without headboard you need to take a visit to the storeroom to find some useful pieces that really gave you a marvelous wood headboard. Old unused bookshelf, old doors and some recyclable pallets can be transformed into some unique and stylish headboards. You can paint them with your desired wood color or you can simply apply varnish to keep the look and feel natural. In modern furniture shops you can also find carved wood headboard however such headboards will be inconvenient to clean. Flat and plain wood headboard are very useful and also much easier to clean. You can also place lighting fixtures on headboards. One of the most prevalent headboard design is wood headboards padded with foam and tufted buttons.