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Tips on selecting appropriate area rug pad

Tips on selecting appropriate area rug pad

Even though an area rug pad steals away the spotlight, it still deserves a special consideration. Choosing a rug is attached to some importance because an inappropriate rug pad could damage or break the floor depending the size, color and texture. For most people an area rug pad is always given the last thought when it’s actually an important accompaniment to rug.  A rug pad protects people from slipping as well as protecting the rug and the floor from damage. This simply explains why their selection process is important.

Not all area rug pads are made the same, they are available in different materials, thickness and sizes for each particular type of rug. Some are most suitable for floors while some are best used on carpet. Here’s a number of elements you need to look into when making a selection.


Independent of whether your rug is intricate and hand-woven or its simple and casual, your rug pad needs to stay in place so people don’t slip when stepping on it. At the worst case, slipping or tripping could lead to serious injury, something that you wouldn’t want for your family or guests. A rug pad should hold the rug steadily on the floor to inhibit sliding.

Prevention of rug damages

A rug pad will facilitate a longer life for your area. By holding the rug into position, it prevents the material fiber underneath from agitation and wearing against the flooring material.

Prevention of floor damages

A wrongly selected rug pad actually damages the floor and since the pads are not moved frequently, the damage goes on and on without being noticed.  The vinyl and plastic rug pads should be avoided because these types are usually the lead cause of damages to the floor. Vinyl or plastic rugs do not absorb or release moisture. Therefore, any moisture present is kept in contact with the flooring material which with time damages its finish. The best rug pads to go for are the 100% rubber type. Those rug pads made from latex are also mixed with chemicals which also damage the finish of the floor, hence should be avoided as well.

Size of the rug pads

The options of rug pads available in the market is almost dizzying and therefore it is quite easy to become overwhelmed. Perhaps a brief guide into the sizes could do you good.

For small rugs or those measuring 3 by 5ft, a thin and nonslip rug pad is the most suitable. This is the case especially for high traffic area rugs.

A rug measuring 8 by 10f or even larger is fine with a rug pad that do not have a nonslip component. A 0.25 or a 0.75” pad is fine.