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Ways to style a room with room rugs

Ways to style a room with room rugs

A rug ties a room together, it anchors an area and makes it look more refined. Room rugs may make or break your room’s entire decorum thus you should choose your rugs very wisely. To create a space you love, you should give love to each and every article of your place giving it your full attention.

A room rug should:

-Set boundaries to your room. If you put a tiny rug (because let’s be honest, you’re thinking of your budget), it will give your room a rather congested look. Keep in mind that a rug is meant to come loose while a carpet is a fixed floor covering. So a rug the size of a carpet will look out of place. Instead you can layer it up and put a rug on your wall to wall carpet setting.

-Make contrast with your wall. If you have a bold wallpaper in your room, you should try to go for a neutral colored room rug to tone it down. Similarly, if you have a neutral paint job done in your room, you can go for a dark and bold rug design.

-Family friendly. A rug that is durable when there are kids and pets in your house saves you from the thought of its easy wear.

A room rug should not:

-Be the last article to be chosen. When it is said that a rug adds depth to a room which otherwise looks bare, it is meant. It keeps a room together hence the furniture placing should connect back to it. So, choosing your rug last will put you in a very tricky position.

-Be afraid of distinct patterns and stripes. Give a chic look to your modern interior. A room with a lovely wooden floor and a patterned rug will be more appealing, as compared to a monochrome rug

-Be afraid of coming underneath the furniture. Because when less is more, more is merrier!

-Be used without a rug pad. A rug pad is to keep the rug skid and slip free. It is important to use a rug pad to keep the rug in place specially when you have children in the house.

A room rug can:

  • Be playful with colors and sizes. Adding pops of color in your room with a rug that is of a unique shape will exhibit quirkiness.
  • Be decorated with colorful additions like cushions. It gives a warm and friendly look to the room.