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How to make carpet sales and installation?

How to make carpet sales and installation?

Whether you are depending on interior decorator or you are doing it by yourself, you should be aware of carpet sales and installation. Today’s market is based on the concept of buyers beware. You need to protect yourself as a buyer by getting yourself educated about the carpets and what features to be looked. Even if the installation is done by the service provider, you should be able to know that the installation is correctly done or not.

Stages of carpet installation

If the carpet has to last long, it has to be installed correctly. If the installation is not proper, the carpet can get damaged. In order to install the carpet perfectly, you have to follow all the four stages of carpet installation. These four stages come under preparation and implementation plan. You should take the time to prepare materials, equipment and all the necessary plans to proceed with the installation.

Measure the room

The First step is to have clear measurements of the room. It is important for carpet sales and installation. If you don’t have the right measurements, you cannot install the carpet properly. Along with measuring the room, ensure you get all the necessary tools like seam cutter, wall trimmer etc.

Remove the old carpet

Once you have measured the room, clean the room properly. If there is old carpet already installed, remove it and ensure a clean surface before you can proceed with the new installation. Let the surface remain dry, clean and without any dust.

Tackless and Carpet padding

At the joints of floor and wall, use tackless strips and nail to fit the strips. Once the tackless is installed you can start padding on the floor. Extra padding can be trimmed for an elegant look.

Lay the carpet

After all the preparation is complete, you are now ready to lay the carpet. You may need help if the carpet is heavy. You should flatten the edges by stepping on carpet or using tools to remove ripples. Leave a little carpet and trim off the walling for a smooth finish.

After preparation and installation make sure you go through the entire carpet and smooth out edges. Check repeatedly for the perfect finish so that you are completely satisfied. When you have sufficient knowledge of this entire process you can make carpet sales and installation perfectly. You should take the time to learn the procedure since it helps you do it yourself or understand whether the interior decorators are doing a good job.