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How to decorate windows with Curtains
and  Drapes?

How to decorate windows with Curtains and  Drapes?

Window treatments refers to decorating the area around a window with curtains, drapes and other accessories. They are not just used for aesthetic purposes, but also for solving practical issues such as protecting the room from heat and sunlight from outside. The most functional purpose solved by curtains and drapes is that it helps in reducing utility bills as these shades can make a room more comfortable. In fact, a well thought out and planned window treatment can drastically and dramatically change the appearance of a room within seconds. The trims, the fabric and the design has to be considered while customizing the curtains and drapes of a room.

Types of curtains and drapes:

Curtains and drapes are available in aplenty these days and it might appear daunting to make the right selection. Some of the basic types are:

Head rail mounted curtains: These are best for use in rooms with multiple windows. In this method, multiple shades are mounted on one head rail but makes it look like there is a single, uninterrupted flow of fabric across the whole expanse, but each piece of fabric can be operated individually.

Roller shades: These are good for a game room or a craft room. It consists of flat stretches of fabric that can be unfurled from a rolling mechanism.

Woven woods: This can be incorporated to bring about a natural and earthy look to the room. Woven wood curtains and drapes usually consists of small gaps or holes within the sheets themselves that allows for light to filter in the room, at the same time keeping the striking heat away.