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Fiberglass pools – Yes or No

Fiberglass pools – Yes or No

There is so much talk about the fiberglass pools in the news. People are very much excited as well as confused about it. Lots of people are willing to know about these pools so that they are able to decide whether to install them or not. Below mentioned are the advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass pools that will guide the people whether to go for it or not.


There are so many myths that are surrounding the fiberglass polls. Let me make it very clear to you that it is not the case. There is nothing as you may have heard about it. The pool is good as all the other pools are. People also say that it doesn’t works well in extreme conditions, it is totally wrong.

Less expensive:

Fiberglass pools are very much affordable. Plus, maintenance charges are also low. You will be able to realize that it actually costs less as compared to the concrete pools.


The pool is simple softer on your feet. There is no chance of getting injured or having a cut on the feet.


The fiberglass pool is extremely powerful. There is nothing that can destroy this pool.



The pool looks very cheap. It has not that classy or amazing look.

Not customizable:

If you are looking for a pool that can be customized, this is not for you.

Limited use:

Another disadvantage of this pool is that it has some limited uses.