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An overview on different types of natural

An overview on different types of natural rugs

There’s seldom anything better than the sight of all natural made item or accessory laying lavishly out there in your home. Natural things have a penchant for extra bit of specialty that a normal machine-crafted things can’t replicate.

We’ll base our talks on the natural rugs on this article. Natural rugs are woven from the plant or animal fibers. These are crafted quite articulately to depict the mastery of a skilled craftsmen. Natural rugs are often flat-woven rendering no piles and thus can be even termed as reversible.

Natural rugs make for a fine looking layering on your floor. Just picture the sight of that lavish looking natural rug laying down on your home, truly a sight to behold. Natural rugs feature environmental and renewable materials in the makings and are free of chemical that degrade the quality of the fibers. You won’t find a top-notch rug than a natural one.

Let us walk you through to the different variants of natural rugs available in the market.

Sisal rugs

These rugs are as toughest as it gets. Made from the fiber of Sisalana plant found in Brazil and Africa, these are highly durable rugs.

They have smooth feel to it and are better equipped to sound absorbent than other rugs. As a result they are often preferred in the rooms.

It’s a little bit high on the price points but nevertheless a worthwhile investment for their durability and functionality.

Jute rugs

These rugs are made up of fibers extracted from the jute plants. They are softer than the sisal rugs though.

They have a silky lavish feel to them but preferred to the rooms with lesser of a traffic due to their soft nature. It’s quite not stain resistant as one would want.

Seagrass rugs

These natural rugs are the most attractive of the bunch. These rugs are more suited to the high traffic areas of home like the kitchen and the hallway.

Seagrass rugs are highly durable and porous in nature, as a result they are water resistant. These rugs normally come with a latex support on the backside for better feasibility.

Bamboo rugs

Bamboo has certainly become one of the most versatile items found on the planet. Their versatility allows them to mould into different products. One of such product is an all-natural bamboo rug.

Bamboo rugs are stain resistant and easy to clean. Add the smooth texture of it, and it becomes an obvious choice for the home.

These are better suited for high traffic areas and are rightly used over the porch or the patio.