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Your suede sofa can last longer if
well  maintained

Your suede sofa can last longer if well  maintained

You might have  been used to the suede material as it is quite popular with jackets, shirts, shoes and other wares. Suede is referred to as a type of leather made from the under-skin of animals such as lamb, cow, and goats. This leather material is characterized by a soft and napped finish.

It’s no surprise that furniture manufacturers are exploring this quality and have found them a good use for sofa designs.

You will find the suede sofa designs dominating most stores today for their acceptance by customers.

It is needful to point out however that suede is much different than other leather materials and may not be suitable for every home. The maintenance requires some measures of professionalism to continuously enjoy the quality of this product.

If you have growing kids or the ‘really active type’, it may not be the best choice for your living room.

In as much a professional cleaning service should be consulted to help you with the cleaning so you don’t cause irreversible damage, you can apply some basic cleaning yourself.

Let’s look at some ways to clean up your suede sofa:

Dusting the sofa

This is about any simple cleaning anyone can do. Using a cloth, you should remove all dust which may not be very visible to the eyes.

Vacuum cleaning the couch

You can also use a vacuum cleaner for your suede finish. Be thorough with this and make sure it is frequent so as to keep your suede sofa as new as possible.

Using a suede brush

A suede brush can remove more hidden dirt from the suede sofa. You can equally remove stains with this method by making the brush a little damp but not so damp, please. And be mindful of the use of the brush. Brush along the direction of the material grain to avoid damage to the texture.

Use alcohol

The evaporating ability of alcohol is good when used with a cloth to clean stains from your suede material. Gently wiping with alcohol, removes stains that may ordinarily not be possible with water.