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Bamboo rugs can be a good option than
other rugs

Bamboo rugs can be a good option than other rugs

Yesterday I accidentally encountered a rug shop. The shop was unique in regard that it was fully loaded with master pieces of each rug type. But bamboo rugs were the surprising element because I have never seen such diversity in any other rug.

Versatility of bamboo rugs

Bamboo rugs not only cater need for flooring but it is also used as table mats, seating and much more other purposes. They are not only durable but imparts organic look to whole ambience. The varying shades of brown make it an eye catch for everyone because these shades complement every color of furniture well. From light brown to chocolate brown bamboo rugs justify all color themes for furniture.

Increasing demand of bamboo rugs

Bamboo rugs are prevailing in US these days to a larger extent because Central America possesses a sizeable quantity of bamboo forest along with Asia. Durability and multipurpose nature of bamboo rugs are increasing its market share relative to other rugs. Bamboo rugs are a preferable choice for people suffering from allergies because natural oils of bamboo plant helps in exposing allergens and by maintaining cleanliness you can keep allergies distant apart.

Why bamboo rug is better than other rugs?

As compared to other rugs not only bamboo rugs are much less expensive but they offer great fire resistant. Although it is also susceptible to fire but the rate with which fire expands is quite low unlike synthetic and woolen rugs. Cleaning bamboo rugs is convenient and less laborious. You can just shake it to release any trapped sand or food particles or even bits. By wiping it off with a clean damp cloth further makes it tidy. Bamboo rugs are unique in that they provide sound and comfortable cushion to uneven surfaces and sands on beaches.

This makes them the top choice to be part of picnic essentials. Now you can enjoy blazing sunbath or even a mini play place for your kids by spreading it to the place. Depending upon your requirement you can either have your personalized small bamboo mat or a larger one for accommodating some people. Many grannies use bamboo rugs or mats as a laying mat in sunlight for giving massage to infants ensuring strong and healthy bones.

Some of the hit designs of bamboo rugs include chocolate bamboo rugs, brown and bland bamboo rug, slate rug and cross stitched rug. This rug can also serve the purpose of yoga mat.