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Create eco-friendly, chic and cheap
garden offices

Create eco-friendly, chic and cheap garden offices

Workplaces have witnessed a tremendous miniaturisation over the past few years. Shed working is the popular term for garden offices. This is ideal for people who work from home and wish to have a clear demarcation between their living and work space. This leaves no room for any taint of work getting attached to the home.

You can try building your own garden office by incorporating cool and creative ideas. Few designs offer traditional feel where one can include a green sedum roof. The trend of having eco-friendly workspaces is tremendously increasing. Many units generate their own electricity through solar panels in the roof. Shed working immensely reduces the consumption of fuel as there isn’t any need to travel to the workspace.

The popular choice of the garden office is the shepherd’s hut design. This can be designed with easily available and locally sources materials that include frame and chassis, bunk beds, wood burners, solar panel light systems and a conventional grooved iron cladding.

Modern look can also be imparted for making an architectural statement. This can be done incorporating extremely refined, slick and technically advanced objects in the backdrop. Wooden cladding, use of integral furniture, mini-kitchen, shower pod and a chill-out pad can give a chic look to your garden office.

Design you own garden office with creative ideas. Give it the feel you wish to offer. Whether you want your office to look like a modern, chic workspace or you wish to impart it a conventional look, it is up to your taste.