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Bathroom Tile Designs, Important
  Ingredient In Bathroom Décor

Bathroom Tile Designs, Important Ingredient In Bathroom Décor

Tiles are the important designing materials for a well sophisticated modern bathroom. No other designing material provides a better look and tidiness to a bathroom other than decorative tile. Here are some of the tips to consider so that you could provide a personal touch to your bathroom.

Selection of the bathroom tile.

As most of the surface area in the bathroom is suitable for tiling, start the selection of bathroom tiles by examining several samples of tiles. Choose the tiles according to your liking and which suits best for your bathroom. It would be wise to choose unpolished decorative tiles if there are children in the house.

Decorating the bathroom.

Feature floor tiles which were proved popular for floor tiles are a new trend in bathroom decorative tiles. When used in a small bathroom, provide style and do not diminish the size of the bathroom. These tiles are even perfect for large bathrooms. Try to use maximum of three different kinds of tiles. If you have a unique colour or a pattern in your mind, use it as a focal point of your bathroom and try to use subtle colours for other tiles. Area near the tubs and shower is usually wet and tends to get dirty. For these areas you could consider tiles made from ceramics as they are totally maintenance free. Tiles made from natural stone need constant care and cleaning. You could go one step further to add a glossy/glass tile which brightens up the bathroom through reflective surface. While ordering bathroom tiles, order 2-3 extra pieces in case some of the tiles are broken accidently while decorating. Follow today’s trending designs to provide spa like environment to your bathroom. Trending designs include faux marble, limestone, graphite and even wooden tiles.