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How to clean seagrass rugs?

How to clean seagrass rugs?

It is quite easy to clean and maintain natural fiber rugs as dirt doesn’t cling to the hard fibers. It gets struck in the weaves. Sea grass rugs possess fibers that are reed like that come with a natural coating of wax. This wax doesn’t permit the absorption of spills and stains.

Maintenance of seagrass rug

Regular vacuuming is the vest thing you can do to make your sea grass rug appear fresh and clean. Loose dirt that is visible must be vacuumed with the aid of a suction vacuum that comes with a strong brush. Although, there wouldn’t be a need for frequent vacuuming, it is good to regularly vacuum the sea grass rug as this would prolong the life of the rug. This would also prevent the build-up of soil in the rug and will also get rid of the stains caused due to the spills of liquids. Never wet-shampoo or opt for steam cleaning of your sea grass rug. This can damage the natural fibers.

Overall cleaning process

Cleaning of sea grass rugs is quite easy. These typically do not even need normal vacuuming. Make sure that while cleaning the sea grass rug, you regulate the moisture content during the cleaning process. A dry cleaning process is recommended while cleaning sea grass rugs.

Cleaning of spills or fresh stains

Remove the spills immediately with the aid of blotting paper. Make sure you do not rub the spills. You can even utilize a white cloth in order to scrape the solids with the aid of a nail file or a dull knife. Rubbing the spills can result in liquid penetrating deeper into the fibers thereby resulting in more stains.

Rubbing can also spread the liquid to a larger area. For removing stains due to tomato sauce and red wine, a white cloth should be dampened with soda in order to remove any possible stain and to neutralize the spill. If this doesn’t work, then try cleaning with any cloth that has been dampened with mild soap. You need to dry the area immediately with a fan or hairdryer.

Special care must be taken while vacuuming bound area rugs. You shouldn’t let the vacuum sit on the corner of the rug or on the top of the binding. You always need to vacuum in the direction of the sewing pattern of the bind.