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Best basement floor options for beautiful looks and resistance to moisture

Best basement floor options for beautiful looks and resistance to moisture

A Basement floor covering can only be decided if you know exactly the purpose of the basement.  In case the basement is being used for storage purposes than an epoxy coating seems the best solution. It can improve the look of the basement as it comes in various colors and designs. It can resist spills and stains while being budget friendly. Epoxy paint besides being durable is waterproof too.

If you are using a basement as bedroom or a playroom or a home theatre room and want a more finished look than there are various options like wooden flooring, ceramic tiles Vinyl tile or sheet or carpeting that you can choose from. Basements are usually colder than the other parts of the house so carpets can provide some insulation.

Though ceramic tiles are easy on maintenance and will give the basement floor a very refined look but they will only add to coldness. Heating options thus are essential for a basement. Laminate flooring is another ideal option for the basement floor being easy on your pocket. Laminate flooring prevents water from damaging the floor but can also repair any damage easily in case of a leak. Laminate flooring come in many colors and designs including one that gives the appearance of a wooden floor.

At times a vapor barrier is laid for moisture damage before a flooring option is considered as an extra precaution.  As the basic nature of basement is dampness, a certain amount of protection is needed to protect from moisture and to stop any chance of water damage. The ideal basement floor choice should be one that includes a sealant or waterproof flooring that will lock out any chances of water. Basement subfloors are the perfect solution as they protect the floor by laying a waterproof material between the concrete pad and the final floor.

This is the best solution to lock out moisture that can easily make their way into the basement. Another option to keep the basement dry and moisture free, you can install a drylok basement floor. Drylok is an oil and water based product for waterproofing that is applied on the floor with the help of a paint brush or roller, and a couple of coats will seal out the moisture completely. It is after this process the main ceramic tile or wooden flooring is installed.