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Why laminate flooring on stairs is essential for home?

Why laminate flooring on stairs is essential for home?

It’s a really awkward feeling when you look at a person with a proper outfit with an unsuitable dye. How do you feel when you’re in that person shoes? Of course, it’s a disgusting feel. Likewise, a well furnished home demands a staircase, which suits well with the interior as well as furniture. Looking out of a mismatch staircase in a home is not a good sight.

When coming to the staircase lamination, you need to be careful about certain things such stair noses, risers and treats. These three things should be cut precisely for floor lamination. Otherwise, it’s become one hell of a job. Having said that, if you have a little knowledge and the proper tools kit, the installation of lamination of stairs is the relatively easy task.

Pick the material

Laminate flooring on stairs is tougher than any other floors in the home. The durability of the stair is more susceptible than any other surface. Moreover, stair gets more wear and tear as the time goes on. Another factor you just have to keep in mind that lamination is slippery material.

So you have to pick the material such as matte finish to get a proper footing on the stairs. Otherwise, there is a chance of your children gets into minor injuries to some fatal accidents. Furthermore, the laminate should match the stair nose and most of the manufacturers are not familiar with this fact. Order 10 percentages more than your stair measurement because it will cover your potential cutting errors.

Sometime after laminate flooring on stairs, you will find that some warp or expansion along the stair due to climatic conditions. In order to work around this problem, the board should be exposed to open space about 48 hours prior to the installation. In order to prepare stair care for lamination, you should remove materials like carpets and tack strip. Use gloves to remove staples because of its sharpness it can harm the hands. Every step should be in uniform level then only the laminate will sit over properly. A scraper can level the debris.

Lamination cutting

Finally, you have to cut the laminate according to the size of treads, rises and nosing length.  After finishing the cutting start the laminate flooring on stairs from the top so you need not step over the freshly put lamination. The first you have to put tread pieces, then risers and finally put stair noses.

In essence, laminate flooring on stairs gives you a sense of satisfaction when you get into the house.