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Post Lights Buying Considerations

Post Lights Buying Considerations

Outdoor lighting is very important in helping make your home safe in addition to allowing for visibility in darkness and one type that you may consider is post lights. These can be mounted on posts or rails located at strategic locations within the home. There are several considerations you need to take into account when shopping for and having post lighting fixtures installed around your home.

Light Pollution

It is important that you choose post lighting fixtures that will only serve to light up intended dark areas within your home without interfering with your neighbor and nature. It therefore becomes necessary to only settle for approved outdoor post lighting fixtures.


The height at which you have your post lighting fixtures has a great impact. It is also important to note that the height also determines how your post lights will function. Tall post light fixtures are best for driveways and large/open areas. On the other hand, short posts are best suited for pathways.


Post lighting fixtures remain exposed to different weather conditions. Choice of material used in making the fixture therefore becomes very important. You need to choose fixtures that can withstand different weather conditions for some time before you think of replacements.


Outdoor lighting is very important. Lighting up your outdoors means enhancing security in your home. It is therefore very necessary that you choose bulbs with enough wattage to provide adequate lighting.


Although the number of post lighting fixtures you buy depends on size of your compound, it pays to only buy enough fixtures to be installed at locations within the home that need to be lit when it is dark. There is really no need to have outdoor lighting that does not serve a purpose.