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Some other factors to consider
choosing  mattress

Some other factors to consider choosing  mattress

Bunk Bed is the “one bed staking over another” kind of bed. The mattress of bunk bed does not require any additional box spring because it lies on a flat surface called bunkie board and has the support of rails. This is a special kind of bed that allows more than one people to sleep in a room and thus it solves accommodation issues.

As the bed has a special design the bed owners have to specially consider about bunk bed mattresses while buying. And because the bed is specially for the kids, the comfort of them is the most important priority.

A perfect bunk bed mattress must fit the bed comfortably while maintaining the bed’s safety sides. And because its the matter of maintaining comfort and safety of two persons finding the best bunk bed mattress is most important.

Factors that should be considered while purchasing bunk bed mattress will be discussed completely in this article.

Size and Fit:

A bunk bed generally uses same kinds of mattresses as a normal regular bed. The size of mattress is determined by the dimensions that the bunk bed has.

The bunk beds usually accommodate full size mattress or two smaller twin size mattresses. A full size mattress usually provided extra spaces for kids but the twin size mattresses are easily movable.

But the most important feature of bunk bed mattress is it need to be fit perfectly as it reduces the chances of accident.


The regular heights of the twin mattresses are 7.5″ – 12″, but for a bunk bed mattress the height must be less than 6″/7″ as higher than this will cross the safety guardrails limits of the top bed and increase the risk of dangers greatly. Also a very low height of bunk bed mattress will increase the chance of accident also cause that will leave a big open space in between the flat surface and guardrails. So perfect height of the mattress is very necessary for the safety on bunk bed.

Some other factors to consider:

# Bulky and heavier mattresses should be avoided because lightweight mattresses are easier to maintain.

# Bunk bed mattress tends to be last less than the other regular bed mattresses, so efforting the cost of mattress change must be keep on mind.

# As the bunk bed users are mostly children so their comfort and their discomfort must be kept on mind while choosing the mattress materials for them.

So consider all the facts carefully and choose the perfect bunk bed mattresses for your kids.