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Best flooring options available in market

Best flooring options available in market

The Interior of the house looks more attractive if the flooring of the house is done according to the latest designs and styles now present in the market in present scenario. Now, there are many options available in the market to make the interior of the house look classy and attractive.

Some of the best available flooring options in the market are –

  • Concrete – concrete is one of the best options available in the market and also it is used by most of the builders because of the good qualities like, industrial look is attained by the use of this flooring option. There are many options available to choose color and style. It is also cheaper than other good quality flooring options. But this floor type also has some limitations like if one will stand for too long for this type of floor, then one will face discomfort while standing.
  • Bamboo – bamboo when used correctly, then it gives exotic look. This is one of the most beautiful options available out there. Varieties of color option are also available in this type of flooring. This type of floor is really hard and possesses qualities that can resist damping more than any other floor options.
  • Wood, that is engineeredengineering is done with this type of wood so that it does not change its dimensions with respect to temperature. It can be easily adhered to ground over pre flooring, which can be concrete or masonry work. The main limitation that one has to face after using this type of floor is that it is not highly durable and maintenance cost will rise with respect to time.
  • Tiles (ceramic)this type of tiles makes the look of the house more aesthetic and eye catching. A variety of shades are also available to choose from, thousands of styles and sizes are also available in present day market. Interior designer prefers this flooring option over others because of the shine and elegance, this floor type brings to the house. With all the good qualities, there are also some limitations of this floor type like, cracks starts coming after a short interval of time and theses are also not very good in resisting wear. It also gives discomfort if one stands for too long on this floor type.
  • Tiles (porcelain) it gives the finishing of stone, making it aesthetically pleasurable and these porcelain tiles are also very durable in comparison to ceramic tiles. So, low maintenance cost will be there. But like ceramic tiles, it also causes pain in the legs as well as in the back of the person who will stand for too long on them.
  • Stones there are many types of stones which are being used in present time like marble, which is used by the maximum number of houses. Sandstone and limestone are also among the most popular stones used as flooring options in present time to make the look of the house more attractive and beautiful.