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Decoration need – “area rug”

Decoration need – “area rug”

In most of the situations, simple decoration of the house is done by the owners but the floor is ignored. The decoration of floor is really important to make the look of the house according to the imagination of the person living in it. And to make it possible the use of area rugs is highly required as the design of the area rugs used in houses and offices creates very alluring, admirable visual of the place where house rugs are used.

The biggest advantage of area rugs is that, it can change the whole look of the house or the office, where it is being used. Area rugs are used for the decoration of the house or office according to any specified theme and also the adventure of using area rugs in the house differs from person to person, according to the personality.

It is really important to examine the type of rug that is best suited for one’s house. It depends on various factors like the size of the room, shape of the room, color that is used in the room, type of furniture sets decorating the room. According to all these factors, a perfect area rug which suits the room or office should be selected. The style of the rug depends on the theme that already exists in the room or the new theme which is about to be implemented.

Area rugs play important role in the decoration of house as decoration with the correct area rug for the house is one of the best house decoration plan. Area rugs in the master bedroom and also in the drawing room or in the office are really important as they make the look better than the naked floor. But, the size of the carpet should be according to the length of the room as otherwise it will cover the entire portion and the flooring which also plays important role in the aesthetic look of the house will be covered and will not be visible. It should be specified by the interior decorator that what size suits the room.

Most of the times, the shape of the area rug is a rectangle, but some other sizes from which the user can select the area rug are circular, oval, square. The shape of the area rug depends on the type of furniture that has been placed in the room. Long rectangular area rugs are used for covering the stair portion of the house. Covering of stairs by area rugs makes the overall appearance of the house more pleasuring, beautiful and aesthetic. Selection of color is also important in case of area rugs as color, matching the color of the room will give a pleasing look while the unmatched colors of rug and room can be a little bitter for an alluring look of the room or the office.