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All about tile laminate flooring

All about tile laminate flooring

One of the best flooring methods is the tile laminate flooring. This type of flooring is known to be easy, innovative and cost effective as well. Europe is the place where the idea of tile laminate flooring was first popularized. You can find tile laminate flooring in different varieties and are also durable and attractive. This type of flooring is resistant to scratches and maintenance is often easy and costs less. You can find many household as well as commercial applications that make use of tile laminate flooring.

Easy installation

It is very easy to install tile laminate flooring and can be done by you without the need of a professional. The panels seem to easily click together and usually rest on top of a floating installation. The same way is used to make all the tile laminate floors.

A mixture of cellulose paper and clear melamine resins is incorporated in the top wear layer of the floor and the design layer is found lying below this layer. A photo or a pattern that is printed on a paper is this design layer which is strengthened with resins. Durable fibreboard is usually used to make the core.

Durable and feature attractive designs

The popular type of flooring sold today is the tile laminate flooring which are strong and durable. They come in various attractive designs and styles. You will find the tile laminate flooring look similar to the other flooring types like wood, ceramic and stone flooring. These flooring come in either larger squares or individual squares with imitation grout joints.

The tile laminate flooring comes in sizes of 7″ to 8″ in width and about 4′ in length. The manufacturers have made the style of the tile laminate flooring to reflect the shape of a tile. In some cases these also include grout lines. You can find the laminate flooring usually sold by square foot pricing and also sold in packages consisting of 15 to 36 tiles.

The manufacturers also provide warranties for most of the tile laminate flooring that ranges from 10 to 25 years but the latest products also come with lifetime warranties. Water and moisture warranties are also sometimes offered for certain products sold in the market. You can install the tile laminate flooring using glue or even without it which is based on the variety of tiles that you choose. Installation of these flooring can be done either with the help of a professional or by yourself.