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How to choose scatter rugs?

How to choose scatter rugs?

Rugs are now commonly used at everyone’s home. The most commonly used are the scatter rugs. When you are buying the rugs you need to first examine your arrangements and then buy the rugs. The layout is to be chosen and then the measurements should be taken.

If the sofa and the chairs are against the wall at your place then there is need of rug which is large enough to cover all the corners. If the sofa and chairs are in middle of room then the scatter rug should be according to the space. For the dining table measure the length and width and then get the scatter rugs.  For bedroom two runners can be used on both the sides.

Material of scatter rugs

The material of the scatter rug should be chosen as per the traffic at your place. The cotton rugs are good option when there is high traffic because they are usually in bright colors and you can upright their position. The natural scatter rugs are also good option for very heavy traffic areas. The tufted rugs are made up with a unique technology and thus it is preferable to use them in the low traffic areas so that they last longer. Over dyed rugs can be used at moderate traffic areas.

Patterns for scatter rugs

Once the measurements are taken properly and the material is finalized, the next thing you must consider is the pattern of the rugs. The scatter rugs can be available in neutral form, playful patterns and solid colors. The neutral form has the solid foundation and they are rich in pattern and texture.

The colors of this type of rug are also rich. If the neutral rugs are used then it will work like the canvas for the room. The playful patterns are also used in the scatter rugs. If the furniture is solid color then the patterned rug is a good option. As per today’s trend the solid color is mostly used in the furniture. If you wish to have a good color combination then you should match the color of sofa also.

If you are having the patterned furniture at your home then the solid colors in the scatter rug will complement the furniture. The secondary color should be matched with the sofa. This shows that the opposite type of rug with furniture suits more. The remaining is upto personal choice of everyone. You can get number of options in scatter rugs.