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Get the 2-in-1 service with
comfortable  sofa beds for you room

Get the 2-in-1 service with comfortable  sofa beds for you room

The sofa beds are such utility furniture that you will find useful for your room especially if you are in a single room like a studio apartment. You can use them as a couch during the day and convert to a sleeping bed in the night. These comfortable sofa beds offer the dual purpose for your room seating and sleeping needs. They are simple and unique in their designs and types that you’ll find a lovely collection for your apartment. You can have one in your living room and convert same in the night to sleep a visiting guest.

The different types of sofa beds are identified by their conversion mechanism. We have three of these categories you’ll readily find in the market.

Pull out sofa bed

The bed in this case, is located beneath the sofa seat. To use this, you pull out the frame like a drawer from beneath to give a comfortable sleeping bed for the night. This is a design suitable for a little larger room because of the more extra space it accommodates.

Clic-clac sofa beds

These are the fold down type of the comfortable sofa beds. They are usually armless sofas that are converted by folding down the back to give a flat sleeping bed. They are quite simple and easy to convert.

Three step Convertible sofa bed

This is an ingenious design that has a sofa which can be converted into a bed. The distinct nature of this conversion is the presence of a mattress that appears when the transformation is completed.

First, you raise the sofa cushion, pull and and roll out the bed frame beneath the couch. This sofa bed is so compact you’ll never know you’re sitting right on some bed frame beneath. The transformation is just awesome.

You’ll find these Comfortable sofa beds in different fabrics and colors that will keep your room warm and beautiful. They are available in most furniture stores at prices determined by the type and amount of work that goes into their production.