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How to care for your wicker chairs?

How to care for your wicker chairs?

Wicker chairs though are usually associated with outdoor furniture can instantly transform the mood of any room. You can use these creatively to create stunning, stylish spaces. However, it is vital to care for these if you wish to enjoy the comfort and beauty offered by these for a long time. Follow the steps to care for your wicker furniture.

Carry out regular dusting with a feather duster, microfiber duster or a soft cloth. This will keep your wicker chair free of dust.

You can use a soft bristled dust if the dust settled on the furniture is heavy. You can utilize an old tooth brush to remove any dirt from the crevices near the frame.

You can use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment feature for regular cleaning of your wicker chair. Ensure that you have set the suction level to the lowest to prevent any damage.

Clean the wicker pieces twice a year. For this, you can moisten a terry towel or a microfiber cloth with warm water. Gently clean the surface to remove the dirt.

If the stains are heavy, then use a cleaning cloth moistened with mild soap water. Wipe again with plain water for the finishing.

To remove mildew or mold, you can wipe the furniture with a mixture that has 75% water and 25% white vinegar. Replace the cushions and ensure that you clean the dust settled on them with a vacuum cleaner.