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How to paint your wicker furniture?

How to paint your wicker furniture?

If you own wicker furniture, then the chances are high that you would want to paint them to ensure that you can use them for a prolonged time. Here are some hints and tips that you can follow to paint your wicker furniture.

Step 1:

Remove the existing paint that is flaky. You can scrape off the paint with the use of a wire brush or soft brass. You can make use of a house paint scraping tool if the flaking is really bad.  Ensure that you do not end up damaging the strands of your wicker furniture during the process.

Step 2:

Apply a minimum of two coats of primer and make sure that the base is oil. Use a compressor sprayer or a natural bristle brush on the bare spots. It is crucial to use a primer when you are planning to paint your wicker furniture. Once the primer has dried, you can apply two coats of any oil based paint with a brush or a sprayer.

Step 3:

It is best to use an oil base outdoor or indoor home paint while painting your wicker furniture. It adheres to the furniture readily and is as well durable. Don’t go for latex as it flakes off pretty easily. Use good quality paint and you’ll not have to repaint your furniture over and over again. Good quality paint wouldn’t flake and keep your furniture in a good condition for years provided your take proper care.